On the night of November 8, my daughter and three granddaughters were preparing to go home; the car was loaded and the motor running to warm the car. Two of the children (7 weeks and 16 months of age) were fastened in their car seats. My daughter stepped away from the car before fastening the 3 year old in. In the blink of an eye she was behind the wheel and pulled it in gear.

The car, a big Blazer, jumped forward with so much force it knocked down a chain link fence and rolled down a hill into our pool. The entire car was on the cover, all 4 wheels. The cover did not tear, nor did any of the springs break, until a wrecker was pulling the Blazer out.

I really believe the cover would have held indefinitely, and I am sure it saved the lives of my grandchildren. I will be forever grateful for your wonderful pool cover.