On-Ground Covers

LOOP-LOC On-Ground Pool Covers Offer Superior Safety, Strength and Protection.

Owners of on-ground pools (surrounded by at least 2 feet of deck) can enjoy the same safety, strength and protection owners of in-ground pools have enjoyed for years with a LOOP-LOC On-Ground safety cover.


The Only On-Ground Pool Cover Good Enough

  • Unique patented bracket fits many types of decks.
  • Goes on and off in a snap.
  • Mesh lets rain pass through unlike solid waterbag covers. No hazardous standing water collects on top, so LOOP-LOC On-Ground stays dry and beautiful in any weather!
  • Non-corrosive type 302 stainless steel springs.
  • Durable double-thick solid polypropylene webbing straps surround entire perimeter, not just corners.
  • Built super strong, LOOP-LOC On-Ground provides an effective barrier against wandering children & pets.
  • Easy to maintain. Mesh fabric requires no scrubbing & powdering when you remove it.
  • Highest quality polyester bonded thread.
  • 87% black yarn filters out harmful UV light.
  • Non-corrosive, double-notched aluminum tips.

(NOTE: Pool must be surrounded by a self-supporting deck at least 2 feet wide. Not for basic above-ground pools.)

Patented bracket securely attaches cover to deck

Unique bracket fits many types of decks

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Built Super Strong

With a unique patented bracket that will fit many types of decks, LOOP-LOC On-Ground covers:

  • Provide an effective barrier that will prevent children and pets from gaining access to the water.
  • Are easy to maintain. Our On-Ground covers go on and off your pool in a snap.
  • Requires no heavy scrubbing or powdering upon removal.