We replaced our 20-year-old Loop-Loc cover with a new Super Dense Mesh Loop-Loc cover. The new cover fit perfectly, making installation a snap and it looks beautiful.

Eric & Jan R.

For both safety and maintenance, Joe says his LOOP-LOC safety pool cover is "absolutely the best on the market".


Lorraine can watch her toddler grandson with greater peace-of-mind now that her daughter's pool has a LOOP-LOC safety cover.


I have owned my LOOP-LOC pool cover for 15 years. The sun has never faded it, even here in Tennessee. This weekend we were hit with first 6 inches of snow, then an 8-hour ice storm. I am amazed at the strength of your pool cover. I don't know how much 466,560 square inches of solid ice weighs (18 feet X 36 feet X 5 inches), but your product is holding. Temp has hit 44 degrees today, so there is some melting. But your mighty Loop Loc cover stretched remarkably, holding tight against the ice.

Maybe most of your customer contacts are in the form of complaints, but I am one happy customer. Thanks.


"Impressed" with the performance of the LOOP-LOC safety cover on his daughter's pool, 35-year pool owner Rich says this low-maintenance, high-safety approach is definitely "the way to go."


LOOP-LOC dealer Keith knows firsthand that this is a "great company" offering "excellent customer service."  When this pool owner became the father of twins, he knew LOOP-LOC would be the safety cover he'd trust to protect his family.


Bill chose a LOOP-LOC safety cover for both his pool and his hot tub for the safety and security of his small dog, who likes to walk across the pool.


My family and I want to thank you for helping us with our pool cover. We were very impressed by your prompt attention to our problem and even more impressed that you really do stand behind your product when it seems like many companies don't these days. We are at ease knowing our two children are safer because of the LOOP-LOC cover. Again, thank you for renewing our belief once again in American companies.


A LOOP-LOC dealer for more than 15 years, Mike says the pool cover manufacturer provides safety, value and aesthetics. He looks for "quality and service" and that with LOOP-LOC, he gets both.


On the night of November 8, my daughter and three granddaughters were preparing to go home; the car was loaded and the motor running to warm the car. Two of the children (7 weeks and 16 months of age) were fastened in their car seats. My daughter stepped away from the car before fastening the 3 year old in. In the blink of an eye she was behind the wheel and pulled it in gear.

The car, a big Blazer, jumped forward with so much force it knocked down a chain link fence and rolled down a hill into our pool. The entire car was on the cover, all 4 wheels. The cover did not tear, nor did any of the springs break, until a wrecker was pulling the Blazer out.

I really believe the cover would have held indefinitely, and I am sure it saved the lives of my grandchildren. I will be forever grateful for your wonderful pool cover.


I just wanted to know how much we LOVE our LOOP-LOC pool cover. Besides the fact that it looks 100% better than our old cover, we feel it saved our 2 year olds life.

We did not realize that our daughter could open doors yet, but 2 year olds are full of surprises. She opened the door and ran for the pool. Even though we were in hot pursuit, she ran out on the pool cover and slid to the middle. The only damage was some cold, wet toes. The thought of what could have been keeps me up nights.

We try to be very safety conscious concerning the pool. The black, murky cover always scared me more than an open pool. I knew if my daughter slid in that mess, we wouldn't be able to see her. Thanks for your wonderful service and all your help in getting our pool up and running.

Christie Anne

I appreciate the time you spent with me going over my recent inquiry about LOOP-LOC covers. I know that your dedication to a quality cover is second to none after seeing your covers perform in the field, and it is refreshing to deal with such professional and courteous people. It is also nice to know that there are still American companies that take pride in the products they produce. Maybe some of these other companies should get tips from you guys!

Keep up the good work and high standards, American made products are still the best and you are proving that fact.


My 2-year-old daughter walked onto our Loop-Loc pool cover today when I turned my head for just an instant. She was standing on the cover, right over the deep end of our pool which is over 9 feet deep.

Thankfully, she came to me when I called her, but knowing that I could have gone out on the pool cover to grab her myself (if needed) made the situation somewhat less panic-inducing. (Although I was quite panicked, as you can imagine.) As it was, her sneakers, socks, and the bottom two inches of her pants got wet. We had to give her a change of clothes, and she was on her merry way. I, on the other hand, am still calming down hours later.

You've just earned a customer for life. Thank you so much!!


I am a recent purchaser of LOOP-LOC products. Being a new pool owner, I debated if I would replace the cover that came with the pool with the safety cover. With two small children, their safety was of utmost concern. Ironically, it did not take long for the investment in the safety cover to pay off.

My youngest son decided that he would break away and take the "shortcut" across the pool cover. When I realized what had happened we both were making our way off the cover to solid ground as I instinctively moved to bring him to safety. I truly believe that had the original cover in place, this occurrence may have had a much different ending. Though I really had no intentions on "testing" the safety cover in this fashion, I do sleep a bit easier knowing that it is in place.

M. Bud
Stone Mountain, Georgia

Roseanne always entertains and loves how her LOOP-LOC safety pool cover looks in her yard when her pool is closed—and how easy it is to open her pool and get it ready for summer.


I'm pleased to inform you that a cover installed by us recently saved the life of a wheelchair bound boy. He accidentally ended up upside down on the cover about 3 weeks ago. The cover also supported the weight of his father and brother who had to lift him and the chair off because he's paraplegic.

The mother is quite happy since they used a solid cover for the previous 10 years. She said she'd be happy to give you a testimonial letter if you want for advertising.

North Attleboro, Massachusetts

14-Year-Old LOOP-LOC Saves Boys In Runaway SUV - JoAnn and her daughter Lynda of Mahwah, New Jersey, were shocked one afternoon, to see a black Ford Explorer roll through their backyard and land in their swimming pool. Inside the SUV were two young boys who had entered the vehicle when it slipped into gear and rolled downhill. Luckily, the pool was covered by a LOOP-LOC Safety Swimming Pool Cover.

The LOOP-LOC, "which was purchased in 1988 and used every winter since then, never ripped," JoAnn writes. "Everyone at the scene was truly impressed by your cover. In this day and age it's good to know that there are companies like yours that really produce a superior product. You've just earned a customer for life. Thank you so much!!"

JoAnn & Lynda
Mahwah, New Jersey

We live S. of Boston and had the snowiest (115”) winter in history. It was relentless! We watched apprehensively as our pool was buried under 6’ of heavy snow & ice.  As the snow melted, our new worry was if the cover would be intact. We have friends, who did not have a loop-loc, and they were telling us horror stories about their covers. The snow receded, the cover became visible, we were amazed, it was in perfect condition, secured in all areas, and looked like it did when we put it on in October! I know you say it will hold an elephant, you are 100% correct!  The cover is about 10 years old...you have great product, we are very grateful that you do & that we are a customer! Don't change a thing!

Mark & Debbie G