Dreaming of a beautifully updated pool in the new year? Summer will be here before you know it! You deserve to enjoy a modern and luxurious outdoor living space that showcases your home’s unique personality. And now is the best time to start making those plans!

While you’re spending less time in your pool during the off-season, now is the ideal time to start thinking of any renovations, new constructions, or updated features you’d like to see before next summer.

Whether you know exactly what you want, or you’re embarking on a brand new pool installation for the first time, our Mirage tool can be a great resource to help you visualize your project. Plus, you can use the following guide to help you prepare for construction and renovation.


What to Consider for Renovations

When considering how to transform your outdoor living space, the first question you have to ask yourself is what you want to achieve. Starting with a clear and concise goal will help eliminate uncertainties that may pop up along the way. It will also help you be well-prepared to communicate your needs with your contractors and swimming pool professionals who will help guide you along the journey.

Your goal could be something simple like adding a few new landscape features or something major like updating the concrete around your pool. Be sure to take into account any new features you want to add to your existing pool and any areas that may need some extra attention before next season.

Once you have a clear vision of what you’d like to achieve, it’s always important to discuss your budget and analyze your pool and yard. This will help you have a more realistic idea of what’s possible within your space.


What to Consider for New Constructions

If this is your first pool install… congrats! You are about to experience one of the most rewarding processes as a homeowner. And while it may be rewarding, there are lots of details to consider. Most importantly you should think about the various types of pools and the benefits of each. Take a look at this guide that breaks down the 3 main types.

Additionally, you’ll want to consider which area of your yard will house the pool and any factors that may impact your living space. For example, is your desired pool design possible with your type of ground? Are there any neighborhood regulations or city codes that must be met before construction can begin? While you make your plans, it’s always best to check with your city, community, or homeowners association (HOA) to see if there are any safety or regulatory measures you need to complete before construction.

Then, just as in renovations, be sure to consider the financials of taking on a large project like a new pool. According to HomeGuide, the cost of an in-ground pool installation can range from $28,000 - $55,000, so it’s important to consider all of the cost factors of construction, labor, water, and maintenance.


How to Plan for Construction Timelines

Coordinating with contractors and swimming pool professionals can be a large undertaking. Depending on their availability combined with your family’s personal schedule, it’s so important to start planning early with ample room for adjustments. If you don’t already have a team you work with, try giving a few of them a call to set up an appointment to discuss your needs. They can help walk you through everything you need to know and can give you an estimated timeline for construction.

Once you’ve decided on who you’re with, you can start all the fun stuff! Choosing custom pool shapes, a designer vinyl liner, waterfall features, hot tubs, tanning ledges… the list could go on!


Dedicated to Quality, Dedicated to You

No matter where you are in your pool journey, LOOP-LOC is committed to your long-term pool success. We want to ensure that you have everything you need to create the backyard oasis you’ve always dreamt of. That’s why we offer our Mirage Pool Visualizer so you can test out various Luxury Liners and Safety Covers and how they will look once installed.

Our liners are backed by a 20-year pro-rated warranty while our covers offer a 15-year warranty so you can rest assured that your swimming pool investment is well protected for years to come.

Ready to get a headstart on your 2023 construction plans? Contact your local pool professional to share your vision and start mapping out a path toward success!