As winter continues, you’re likely all bundled up at home, just dreaming about the summer ahead and how you’ll spend it with the ones you love.

You might even be thinking of adding a pool to your own backyard oasis! With adding a swimming pool comes the most creative task of all–choosing a shape. From standard and traditional shapes to more custom and quirky builds, take a look at these different in-ground pool shape trends while deciding which one is best for your home and family.

Popular In-Ground Pool Shapes and Trends for 2023

While there are certainly endless options for pool shapes and designs, here are a few of the most popular options.

  • Oval

A classic shape, typically larger than most pool shapes. Consider an oval shape pool if you have a large yard with lots of room to build your personalized oasis.

  • Circular

Similar to oval-shaped pools, circular pools are typically best when you have ample space to work with. They are also very common shapes for indoor pools and pools that will be used by children as they are easier to enclose.

  • Rectangle

Another standard shape, rectangular pools are perfect for long or narrow yards that may not be able to accommodate larger circular pools. They’re also a swimmer's dream!

  • L-Shaped

As the name suggests, L-shaped pools are built to form around a corner. This shape is great for angled yards or for fitting around the edge of your home or other structure.

  • Figure 8

The shape of the figure 8 pool allows water to flow more freely throughout the basin. They also have more curved edges for a more relaxed look and finish that mimics a wave’s motion.

  • Kidney

Similar to figure 8, kidney-shaped pools offer a tapered middle but only on one side. This allows the other side to perfectly accommodate water features like grottos and waterfalls. 

  • Grecian

For an elevated look, a Grecian-shaped pool is similar to a rectangle, but with rounded edges that make an immediate statement of luxury!

  • Roman

Another luxury shape, Roman pools are traditionally rectangular with large domes that stick out on the narrow edges. These domes can feature elaborate steps, ledges, or even separate basins for hot tubs.

  • Freeform

The ultimate in customization is the freeform pool. This style can feature all shapes and no shapes, all at the same time! When you want the most custom designed and creative pool with varying walls, structures, and shapes, freeform designs will help you build exactly what you desire.


Popular Add-Ons and Features

When deciding the shape of your pool, it’s also important to consider any add-ons or special features you’d like to include. Things like waterfall features, fountains, infinity ledges, and in-water furniture can play a large role in determining which pool shape is best for you and your home.


For example, if you’d like to add a slide, you may want to consider a more rounded pool shape to accommodate the curving of the slide. Or if a tanning ledge is a top priority, a Freeform or Roman-style pool may be best to accommodate the openness of the ledge and custom fit to exactly the shape you desire. 


Selecting the Right Liner

Once you’ve decided on the pool shape and specific features you want to add to your dream pool, it’s time to pick a liner. Liners come in a range of materials and designs. But when you want the best quality, it has to be LOOP-LOC!


LOOP-LOC Luxury Pool Liners are available in all shapes and sizes, so they can custom fit to any pool shape you choose! We also carry over 40 designer patterns, so you’re sure to find the perfect design that speaks to your creativity and perfectly complements the rest of your home.


But that’s not all… We also offer Backyard Accents that can match towels, pool floats, and outdoor pillow covers to some of our most popular liner designs. Talk about a well-rounded and perfectly accentuated backyard style!


Start your Design Journey Today!

Want to take the next step in your swimming pool journey? Design your dream pool today with Mirage! Mirage is our premier pool visualizer that allows you to virtually select various pool options to get an idea of how a particular pool will look once installed. It’s a great way to help you decide which options best suit your style!


The off-season is the perfect time to start getting your plans together for your new pool. Contact your local pool professional to get started on choosing the right pool shape, liner, and everything in between!