Now that summer is finally here, nothing is more appealing than a clean pool with crystal-clear water on a hot summer day. Whether you're a first-time pool owner or have been enjoying your pool for decades, maintaining your oasis should always be a top priority.

To help you keep your pool in tip-top shape, we've gathered some pool maintenance tips to help keep your pool shimmering clean through the summer.

1. Regular Checking and Maintenance of pH Levels

One of the most important steps in stopping algae from growing and maintaining water clarity is to test and balance the pH in your pool constantly. Maintain the pH levels within the range of 7.2-7.8. In this sweet spot, your chlorine remains effective, protecting your pool from harmful bacteria and algae. Test your pool water at least twice a week, adjusting as required.

2. Water Quality by Regular Maintenance

Be vigilant and stay ahead of any water problems. In addition to maintaining a proper pH, balance your chlorine levels to keep the water sanitized. Your chlorine should be at levels from 1.0 to 3.0 ppm. If you're not sure how much of each you need, consider looking at a pool test kit or ask your pool professional.

3. Clean the Pool Filter Regularly

Your pool's filter is your primary defense in maintaining clear water and removing small debris. Clean or replace your filter following the manufacturer's guidelines. For most pools, that means cleaning the filter every 1-2 weeks. A clean filter ensures that filtration and water circulation are at their best, preventing cloudy water and algae growth.

4. Skim the Surface of the Pool Daily

Debris, such as leaves, insects, and soil, can easily collect on the water's surface. Skimming your pool daily should eliminate these unwanted items before they reach the bottom. A quick daily skim can make a big difference in the overall cleanliness of your pool.

5. Brush the Pool Walls and Floor Weekly

Even if you skim your pool regularly, algae and calcium deposits will start to build up on the walls and floor of your pool liner. Weekly brushing halts this process and keeps your pool sparkling. Make sure that you are using a pool brush suitable for your liner so you're cleaning with the right pressure but not damaging your pool.

6. Keep Pool Equipment Maintained Regularly

Keep your pool equipment maintained. Check for wear and tear and make repairs or replacements where necessary. This includes your pool pump, heater, and all other pool equipment. Keeping things running smoothly will ensure that your pool will operate properly and continue to be enjoyable to swim in.

7. Utilize a Pool Cover

When the season is over, be sure to use a Safety Pool Cover that helps keep debris out and reduces the effects of sunlight. This will make it harder for algae to grow and will reduce the need for excessive chemical rebalancing.

8. Use Automatic Pool Cleaners and Vacuums

An automatic pool cleaner or vacuum cannot be underestimated. It will reduce your cleaning time, giving you more time to focus on other areas in your backyard. Using a good-quality automatic cleaner that you can use each day will give you plenty of free time to enjoy your beautiful pool.

9. Troubleshoot Common Mid-Summer Pool Problems

Algae blooms, equipment failures, and other midsummer surprises can pop up and interrupt your summer fun. Stay ahead of trouble by checking in on your pool regularly to look for warning signs of a problem. Cloudy water, strange odors, and water loss should all be addressed without delay to prevent bigger issues from developing.

Pool Maintenance Next Steps

Keeping a clean and clear pool all summer long doesn't have to be overwhelming. Follow these tips, and your pool will be clean, clear, and ready to host summertime fun with your family. And remember, when you need the pros, the LOOP-LOC Dealer Locator will put you in touch with a nearby pool professional.

By following these tips and adding them to your regular pool maintenance routine, you will be well on your way to enjoying a sparkling and refreshing pool all season long. Happy swimming!