Fall is in full swing, and while you may not be spending your free time lounging by the pool, you’re likely already envisioning what next season will look like! While you’re daydreaming about the warmer months to come next year, now’s the perfect time to consider updating your pool.

Take a look at why you should update your pool in the postseason and some of the top updates to consider!beautiful backyard pool with new liner and clean surfaces


Why You Should Update Your Pool Postseason

The postseason months are a great time to assess your pool’s condition and see if there are any necessary updates to make now before you’re ready to jump back in when the weather warms up. It’s also a great time to consider any new features or updates you’d like to add to make your pool experience even more enjoyable.


Benefits of Updating in the Postseason

You’re likely already evaluating your pool’s condition during colder days. Take this opportunity to note any updates that you’d like. Getting a head start on the updates now will help you save time and the extra hassle of doing it in the spring if you live in colder climates. Not to mention, you’ll have the added benefit of beating the beginning of season demand!

Another benefit of updating in the fall is taking advantage of the more temperament weather. The calmer weather of fall means that pool maintenance can be completed quicker and more efficiently.

Finally, since you’re already spending less time in the pool, updating in the off-season means no interruption in pool time. If the weather is too chilly to enjoy the pool, you might as well use that time to make updates!


Top Updates You Should Consider for Your Pool

When it comes to the updates you like to make to your pool (and backyard in general), there are dozens of creative and exciting elements you could consider. Check out just a few of our favorites!


  • New Liner

The post-pool season is a great time to consider upgrading to a new liner. While you’re performing your fall deep clean, take a look at the condition of your liner. If your current liner is wrinkling, leaking, or fading, it’s usually a good indication that it’s time to upgrade.

 Loop-Loc Luxury Liners are made of the highest quality virgin vinyl and come with a 20-year pro-rated warranty.  Our luxurious and elegant designs are exclusive to elevate your pool to the next level. 


  • Clean or Update Your Surface Finish

As part of your deep cleaning, take the time to professionally and gently clean the surface finish of your pool as well as any surrounding decks or platforms. While cleaning, check for any issues in the foundation that may require outside assistance. This could mean coordinating construction timelines and vendors to ensure necessary improvements are made before next season.

  • Adding Safety Features

If you haven’t already, consider making updates to your backyard to ensure it fosters a safe environment during the off-season. This could include anything from purchasing a new Safety Cover for your pool, Safety Fencing to go around the pool, or installing security cameras or motion-detecting lights that can monitor your pool no matter where you are.

          Plus, you should consider any landscaping or patio updates you’d like to make and how those updates may affect your pool.


  • Getting Fun and Creative!

The postseason is the perfect time to consider adding fun and creative elements to your pool. Some popular options for your pool include matching  Backyard Accents like pillow covers, beach towels, and more! 

Have a vision for a new look and feel to your backyard? Consider adding tanning shelves, slides, and waterfall features to your pool. If you’re planning updates to other parts  of your yard, like a fire pit, gazebo, or shed, be sure to think about how they will blend in and accent your pool.



Your Postseason Pool Partner

At LOOP-LOC, we aim to provide the highest quality pool liners, safety covers, fences, and accents that can turn your backyard into the space of your dreams! An updated pool can have a profound impact not only on the look and feel of your entire backyard, but on the safety of your home.

While you’re planning your pool updates, contact your dealer to ensure you have everything you need for year-round protection for your pool and family, no matter the season.