Thinking about installing a new vinyl swimming pool liner? Considering a vinyl liner replacement? Here are some of the thoughts that many consider when shopping for a new luxury liner for their swimming pool.

"My pool has an irregular shape with descending steps. Can I still use a vinyl liner?"

Yes, you can. Vinyl swimming pool liners can be custom-made to fit all swimming pool sizes, in addition to having vinyl lining options designed for pools with features (such as benches and steps) that mimic the look and feel of a pool's interior, outfitted with a concrete or fiberglass liner.

"Won't concrete and fiberglass provide feet with better traction than vinyl for pool fixtures like benches and steps?"

Not if you use textured vinyl. Textured vinyl offers a raised, pebble-like feel which is a great option for fixtures like pool steps (as well as the swimming pool floor), and is available on many of Loop-Loc's liner patterns, such as Bella Vista, Kontiki, Blue Beach Pebble, Sand Pebble, Marine Sparkle, Laguna Riviera and Black Granite. In fact, many find that the granular surface is not only ideal for functionality and aesthetic appeal, but also feels better to the touch, offers superior grip and ensures the utmost in safety and comfort.

"I've heard that vinyl liners are more expensive than concrete or fiberglass liners in the long run."

This is a common myth. While your pool's structure may be constructed from materials such as concrete, pressure-treated wood, a galvanized steel wall system, a structural foam (polymer) wall system or a fiber-reinforced composite wall system, having a quality vinyl swimming pool liner in the interior of your swimming pool is a more cost-effective alternative to installing a fiberglass or concrete liner. By comparison, luxury liners made of vinyl will cost at least $10,000 less – while still achieving the same refined look.

"I've heard that vinyl liners may cost less for the initial installation, but the operating costs create a much greater overall investment than concrete or fiberglass liners."

This is also untrue. The type of luxury liner chosen will not impact chemical and electricity usage (assuming that you're using the proper amount of pool cleaner and the correct method of water circulation).

"Doesn't the cost of repairing a vinyl liner in the event of a rip or tear add up?"

While all luxury liners will eventually require some form of upkeep, repairs from everyday use are few and far between. Furthermore, small holes and tears are relatively easy and inexpensive to treat. In fact, few owners of private swimming pools require professional assistance when treating vinyl liners that get damaged by everyday use.


"Don't you have to replace vinyl liners every five years?"

Contrary to popular belief, vinyl swimming pool liners can last up to 20 years! However, an in-ground vinyl pool liner usually lasts about 5-12 years. While many pool builders insist that a proper installation is the key to getting the most longevity out of your pool liner's life, factors such as water chemistry, chemicals that are used and bathing habits will also have an impact.

"I don't need a pattern imprinted on my pool's liner. Besides, solid-colored vinyl liners are cheaper."

While we're all for trimming unnecessary costs from your budget, buying a pool liner in a solid color – with the intention of little upkeep – may not be the best option for you. From a strictly cosmetic standpoint, a vinyl liner in a solid color can possibly magnify your pool's most minute imperfections – from debris, to aging from sun spots, to damaged areas where repairs have been made. Consider an overall print, which is not only more appealing to the eye, but dually works to camouflage inconsistencies in your swimming pool liner.

"Vinyl liners look cheap."

Swimming pools with vinyl liners will look cheap if they aren't installed correctly. The smartest move that you can make when installing a new vinyl swimming pool liner is to hire a swimming pool contractor who will not only measure, install and stand behind your vinyl liner purchase – but also demonstrate the experience and proven success of a proper installation. Visit the LOOP-LOC®website to find a luxury vinyl pool liner and dealer near you.