Keep Your Family Safe With These Water Safety Tips

            In honor of Water Safety Month, we are collaborating with Saf-T-Swim to bring you some tips for keeping your family safe around water. If you have a pool in your backyard, you’re probably looking forward to fun in the summer months. We want to ensure you get the most out of your pool experience by preparing your backyard and educating your children on proper water safety tips. This article will break down everything you need to know to get on track for pool season.

Consider Baby-Loc Fencing 

            Having a pool in your backyard is a beautiful amenity, but it is important to know and follow all safety rules. When it comes to keeping toddlers safe, there is no substitute for adult supervision, but no parent can be everywhere, every minute.  Baby-Loc Removable Fencing is a convenient and cost-effective additional layer of protection to prevent access to the pool once your winter Safety Swimming Pool Cover is removed.  Baby-Loc fencing comes in 4’ and 5’ heights that both meet all ASTM and U.S. Consumer Product Guidelines, so you can choose the height that is right for you. 




Enroll Your Children in Saf-T-Swim Lessons

            A child is never too young to start swim lessons. Most parents wait until their children are old enough to fully learn how to swim, but there are also beginner courses that teach important safety tips. Some of these include how to stick by the wall, float on their back and get out of the pool safely. Saf-T-Swim is Long Island’s number one swim school and leader in water safety education. Enrolling your child in a class is a great way to get them comfortable in the water, and ensure they’re prepared for the summer months.



Ensure All Pools and Spas Have Complaint Drain Covers

            Drain covers are essential for pools and spas, especially with small children. In order to keep your family safe, make sure your pool has a drain cover that is compliant with pool guidelines, updated, and functions optimally. Routine check-ups of your drain cover are good for the general upkeep of your pool’s safety.


Teach Your Children About Drain Safety, CPR, and Water Precautions

            Education is the biggest facilitator of proper water safety precautions. As adults, we understand basic tips for staying safe around water. Many water accidents are a result of improper education. Brushing up your family's knowledge of drain safety, CPR, and how to avoid injury around water is imperative. This can include taking breaks from swimming after thirty minutes, avoiding jumps or flips, and staying away from drains. If you use pool toys, make sure your child knows to ask for help when retrieving a toy. All of these pointers can feel self-explanatory, but a thorough reminder is enough to save a life.



Never Leave Children Unattended Around Water

            The most important rule of thumb is to never leave children unsupervised around water, and to never let yourself be distracted, even for a minute. If your child is taking swim lessons, make sure to watch them every time they are swimming. Children are prone to fatigue so it is important for them to take breaks and not get overly exhausted. The combination of swim lessons, a Baby-Loc gate, supervision and multiple layers of protection, will ensure you stay safe while enjoying your family time in the pool.



A Shared Mission To Keep Your Family Safe

            In celebration of National Water Safety Month this May and the summer swimming season, Saf-T-Swim and LOOP-LOC are partnering up to increase awareness about the importance of water safety and to foster safe swimming environments across all of Long Island.        

            Saf-T-Swim, Long Island’s number one swim school and leader in water safety education, and LOOP-LOC, manufacturer of the first Mesh Safety Swimming Pool Cover strong enough to hold an elephant, both have one thing in common: a lifelong dedication to water safety. It’s at the core of both of our products and services which is why we are aligning to keep families safe—in and around the water.

            As proud members of the Long Island community, we are excited to bring to give more families access to water safety education and services that protect our most valuable assets — our families.