LOOP-LOC – Pool Cover Safety Tips:

How to Inspect Your Pool Cover For The Winter

If the temperature dropping and the leaves falling into your yard hasn't gotten the message across, it's definitely time for you to close up your pool for the season. As veteran pool owners can attest to, it's best to get your pool cover onbefore the leaves really start coming down to avoid cleaning them out of your pool (in addition to the rest of your yard). If you haven't already decided to put your LOOP-LOC pool cover on for the season (or before your cover is covered in snow), there are some things you should do to ensure its longevity and continued use.

  • Closely inspect your LOOP-LOC pool safety cover for tears or rips in the fabric. For example, on rare occasions, non-warranty factors such as tree limbs or animals can cause rips or tears. This could result in your pool cover being unable to support the ideal weight or meet certain ASTM safety regulations, thus requiring repair. 
  • In most cases, rips and tears in LOOP-LOC pool covers can be easily repaired, either by using a self-adhesive patch kit(for holes smaller than 3" x 3") or by contacting your local LOOP-LOC pool cover dealer, who will provide more information on sending your pool cover out for repairs. 
  • Check your pool's cover a few times a year for signs of UV deterioration. An easy way of quickly inspecting your pool cover for UV damage is to compare the top of your cover to the bottom of the cover. If the top is faded (when compared to the bottom), you may have UV damage. It is also a good idea to look at the stitching on the straps of your LOOP-LOC pool cover. If the stitching threads look distressed or broken (as a result of UV light rotting the thread), your pool cover needs repair. If you are having trouble identifying this, don't hesitate to contact your local swimming pool professional. They will be able to help you make this determination. 

Aside from routine checks and maintenance, you should also remember to never let your children or pets onto your pool cover. As demonstrated, LOOP-LOC pool covers cansupport the weight of an elephant, but this is only to show the pure strength and durability of a LOOP-LOC brand pool cover. By letting children or pets walk onto your pool cover, you run the risk of creating a rip or tear (or exaggerating one that is already there). This is why it is always important to never let unsupervised children near a swimming pool, regardless of whether it is covered or uncovered.

If you have any questions regarding the integrity of your LOOP-LOC pool cover, pool cover maintenance and repair (or your LOOP-LOC pool cover's 15-year prorated warranty), don't hesitate to contact your local LOOP-LOC pool cover and liner dealer or feel free to contact our LOOP-LOC customer service specialists who are more than happy to help.