Pool party season has officially arrived. That means it’s time to put your party hats on and think of fun party games to entertain your guests with. While pool parties are equipped with an activity that can keep guests busy for hours (we’re talking about the pool itself), it is nice to add some variety to the itinerary. Regardless of the age of your guests, there is a game for everyone. Read on as we discuss 9 pool party activities to take your pool party to the next level.

Break out your dancing shoes. When planning the perfect pool party, music is something to consider. Make sure to choose upbeat tunes that get your guests moving. Not only will it break the ice and give them something to bond over, but it can be made into a game as well. Whether you have a dance off or play freeze dance, the memories will be unforgettable.

Add water to a game of musical chairs. Give the classic game of musical chairs a summer twist. Use pool floats in place of chairs and have your guests swim around the floats until the music stops. The last one swimming is out. Repeat this until only one float and swimmer is left.

Embrace your guests’ competitive nature. There is nothing wrong with healthy competition in the form of a swimming race at parties. This will allow your guests to show off their swimming skills and get in some exercise at the same time. Take the competition one step further by having racers wear mermaid (or merman) tales to challenge them.

Bring on the beach balls. Beach balls can be a versatile addition to any party. Whether they are used for a game of volleyball in or out of the pool, or as an ice breaker, the choice is yours. With well-thought-out questions written on the beach ball, guests will be able to get to know each other in a creative way.

Utilize your pool floats. Floats are good for more than just lounging around the pool and basking in the glow of a LOOP-LOC liner. A game of inflatable toss with miniature floats and rings is a great way to get everyone involved in the fun. Not only will this water version of horseshoes break the ice among guests, but it may also even get those shy guests into the pool sooner rather than later.

Have fun with water balloons. Water balloons are a summer party must have and can be used for various games. Whether you are looking to host a water balloon toss or simply have your guests throw them at each other, the options are endless and classic.

Throw glowsticks into the mix. People love glowsticks and pools, so why not unite these two loves in a game of pick up glowsticks? Make sure you wait until dusk to start this game. The dim lighting will give the glowsticks a chance to stand out against your luxurious LOOP-LOC liner and allow your guests the visibility necessary to thrive.

Host a poolside scavenger hunt. Strategically place pool items inside the pool and around your backyard retreat. Allow hunters the opportunity to work in pairs or alone and watch as they search for the prize.

Start a jousting contest. Take your guests love for Game of Thrones to the next level by creating a jousting contest. Find an inflatable raft for two guests to sit on in the middle of the pool and provide each one with a noodle. Let them use the noodles to push each other off the raft. The last one on the raft can claim their rightful place on the iron throne.

Don’t let the allure of a sparkling pool take away from planning a few party activities for your guests. Give them a chance to create memories they won’t forget in your LOOP-LOC inspired pool with these party games.