Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, enjoy the pool for all. As summer draws to a close, you’re probably preparing to say goodbye to your pool and close it up.  Although you may close your pool, that doesn’t mean that you’re done taking care of it. Considering the size, cost, and entertainment associated with a pool, you don’t want to just let it sit in your backyard. Instead, you should use your pool as much as possible before you have to close it.  In order to assure that you get the most out of your pool all season, follow these tips:

  1. Establish a Cleaning Routine. Although cleaning isn’t always the most enjoyable of activities, it’s very important for owning a pool. Make sure to keep an eye on your debris traps, otherwise, the pool will clog. Next time you clean, try spicing it up and jam out to your favorite songs. Sure, the neighbors may judge you’re dance moves, but hey at least it’ll make the process more fun!
  1. Shock Your Pool. It’s no secret that between the bugs, debris, and chemicals that engulf your pool that it would be exposed to contaminants and other harmful substances. In order to protect your friends and family, you need to shock your pool. Shocking involves adding chlorine, the contaminant killing chemical, to ensure that your pool water is safe for swimmers.
  1. Level Up. If the level of your water is off, it’s game over for your filter. For example, if it’s too low the filter can become useless as the water won’t be able to reach. By keeping an eye on the level of your pool water, your pool will be able to receive the strong filtration it needs
  1. Brush it Off. To prevent any pesky algae formations, be sure to brush almost every aspect of your pool. That includes the ladder, the walls, and corners of your pool. Brushing ensures that the algae that are in your pool breaks up and can be remedied by the chlorine once it becomes less centralized. Be sure to brush at least twice a week.
  1. Vacuums Don’t Belong Just In The House. Skimming the debris off the top of the pool won’t cut it as a cleaning job well done. You need to vacuum. Vacuuming ensures that you gather all the small debris that has fallen to the bottom and gather any dirt/sand that has collected. The cleaning process should be done at least twice a week, possibly more depending on the weather. Also, if you don’t feel like manually vacuuming, you could invest in a Robo-vacuum!
  1. Don’t Forget The Surroundings. While maintaining everything inside of the pool - water, liner - is important to have a healthy pool, the area surrounding your pool is equally as important. Whether it be a pool deck or a patio, sweeping or power-washing is good enough. That will get rid of debris that could get into the pool and prevent a cleaning headache. However, sanitizing the area is also of importance as the water that is splashed into the area can carry algae and bacteria and produce a slippery surface.

Overall, summer may be ending, but pool care does not. By using these TLC methods, (cleaning debris, checking your water level, etc.) you and your family can realize the true value of your maintaining your pool during the winter: allowing you to jump in worry-free next summer!