Have a question about your LOOP-LOC pool cover, luxury liner or safety fencing? Chances are, you will find the answer here.

What is the difference between a regular pool cover and a LOOP-LOC safety cover?

A typical solid vinyl pool cover is little more than a tarp to put over your pool. It does not prevent children or pets from gaining access to the pool. All safety covers must conform to the Standard Performance Specification set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). According to the ASTM, a safety cover must be able to support a certain amount of weight, not permit gaps that a child or pet could squeeze through, and remove standing water. LOOP-LOC safety pool covers far exceed minimum ASTM standards. Built from extremely strong material and secured tightly to the deck by heavy-duty springs and brass anchors, a LOOP-LOC safety cover puts a "lock" on a pool that will prevent children and pets from gaining access to the water.

What is the difference between a LOOP-LOC mesh cover and a solid cover?

Both the original LOOP-LOC super dense mesh safety swimming pool cover and our Patented ULTRA-LOC solid safety swimming pool cover provide superior protection for your family. Mesh covers do have one safety advantage: they do not permit water to collect. In order to meet safety cover performance standards, solid covers must provide for the elimination of standing water.

Our Patented ULTRA-LOC® solid safety cover is available in two versions: one with "invisible" mesh panels that allow water to drain through, and an all-solid version that is always sold with an automatic cover pump. Our ULTRA-LOC material is proprietary to LOOP-LOC and made with 100% polypropylene. The pump must be used at all times in order to maintain the safety of the cover. Ultimately, though, the choice between a mesh or solid cover is up to the preference of the user.  Please see important automatic pump instructions under the Care & Maintenace FAQ section for additional information.

What is super dense mesh?

LOOP-LOC's super dense mesh is manufactured with a denser weave that blocks virtually all sunlight but still lets rain and melting snow easily drain through.  It is the perfect choice for customers who want less light and debris in their pools, but still want the one-of-a-kind protection of the only pool cover proven safe and strong enough to support and elephant! Other 99% mesh covers on the market become clogged and must be scrubbed down in order to drain properly, or the manufacturer also recommends using an automatic cover pump. Avoid the hassle by purchasing LOOP-LOC's super dense mesh: no scrubbing, no pumps.

What colors do you offer?

LOOP-LOC's super dense mesh covers are offered in our best-selling green, along with our designer color series: blue, tan, gray and black. Our ULTRA-LOC ll covers are offered in green, and designer colors: blue and tan.

Where are LOOP-LOC covers manufactured?

Since LOOP-LOC's inception in 1978, we have proudly manufactured all of our products in the U.S.A. Our 200,000-square-foot manufacturing facility is located in Hauppauge, New York. Our expertly trained personnel, from office to manufacturing, are dedicated to providing you with the safest cover on the market today and outstanding customer support.

Why is the U.L. (Underwriter's Laboratories) approval important?

Underwriters Laboratories (known as U.L.) is an outside testing company. Many cover companies will claim that they meet the ASTM standard F1346-91 for manual safety covers, but have not followed up with the outside testing agencies that perform all of the actual tests listed in the ASTM guideline. At LOOP-LOC, we are so proud of the safe, high-quality cover that we manufacture that we went the extra step to confirm that we not only meet but also exceed the guidelines set forth for safety swimming pool covers, earning LOOP-LOC the U.L. seal of approval.

My pool dealer offered to sell me a safety cover just like LOOP-LOC. Aren't all safety covers pretty much the same?

Not at all! The safety of the cover entirely depends on the quality of its materials and manufacturing. LOOP-LOC uses materials that are in many cases far superior to those used by competitors. For example, we use double perimeter webbing and double-thick straps, extremely high-strength 302 grade stainless steel springs, and polyester bonded thread that is up to 30% stronger than that used by our competitors. We also hand inspect every stitch on every cover – and even use contrasting white thread, so our inspectors can see instantly if a stitch is missed! LOOP-LOC's founder co-invented the safety pool cover and started this company for the single purpose of creating the highest quality, safest covers available.

Do you market your covers under other names?

Absolutely not! Do not allow yourself to be misled by dealers who may try to sell you "another brand of LOOP-LOC." All of the covers we manufacture are marketed under either the LOOP-LOC or ULTRA-LOC names. Unfortunately there are many dealers out there that use "bait & switch" tactics so it is important to make sure you are receiving the genuine article.

How do I know I'm getting a genuine LOOP-LOC?

First, make sure it says "LOOP-LOC" on your contract when you order. Then, examine your cover when it arrives. All LOOP-LOC covers (including ULTRA-LOC) have the LOOP-LOC name woven right into the straps. If you don't see LOOP-LOC on the cover, it's not a LOOP-LOC!

Why should I purchase a LOOP-LOC safety cover when there are less expensive covers available?

Of course, the main reason is safety. But it is also important to remember that price is a relative issue. A LOOP-LOC safety cover is built to last many, many years. In fact, LOOP-LOC covers often last many years longer than their 15-year warranty. Over that period of time, you would purchase and discard three or four ordinary pool covers.

Why can't I order a LOOP-LOC direct from the manufacturer?

In order for a LOOP-LOC to perform properly as a safety cover, the pool must be measured and the cover installed properly by a professional pool contractor. That is why we sell our covers only through pool dealers and pool service companies. Use our dealer locator to find one in your area.

I have a custom-designed pool that's irregularly shaped. Can I get a LOOP-LOC safety cover that will fit it?

Absolutely! Your pool contractor will first come out and carefully measure your pool. Then, LOOP-LOC will use our exclusive computerized design system to translate those measurements into a cover that will perfectly conform to the shape and features of your pool.

Can I get a rectangle cover for a formfit-shaped swimming pool?

It is important to note that for a LOOP-LOC to maintain all safety features, and to maintain the 15-year pro-rated warranty, the cover must fit the exact shape of the swimming pool.

If a cover is too large or not the correct shape, there will be way too much overlap on the deck and or grass areas. If this happens the cover will wear and quickly become damaged. This damage is not covered under the warranty and is extremely costly to fix. Plus the excessive overlap will prevent the cover from having the proper tensioning, thus voiding all safety features and the pro-rated warranty.

LOOP-LOC highly recommends that if you have a form fit swimming pool you contact one of LOOP-LOC's swimming pool professionals to have your cover measured and installed correctly. Use our dealer locator to find one in your area.

I always supervise my children when they are around our pool. Why do I need a safety cover?

A swimming pool is always a magnet for children. At times when you are not around to supervise or your family is away from home, wandering children and pets from the neighborhood may attempt to enter your pool. Even if you have a locked gate (which is a great extra layer of protection), a determined toddler will often be able breach it. Only the security of a safety cover can ensure that no one will be able to gain access to the pool while you are away.

Can I or my children walk and/or play on my LOOP-LOC cover?

All LOOP-LOC covers meet the ASTM guidelines for safety covers and have been U.L. certified. As such they will easily support the weight of a child or an adult in an emergency. However, we do not recommend ever walking on the cover, and children, adults and pets should never be allowed to play on top of a LOOP-LOC or any other type of pool cover. Adult supervision is always required around any swimming pool area.

To clean or clear debris off of a safety cover we recommend the use of a long handled broom, skimmer, or simply hose down. It is also important to remember that as a cover ages it may encounter U.V. deterioration which over time can affect the safety features. It is recommended that you periodically check your cover for signs of this, or contact your swimming pool professional to make a determination. Adult Supervision is always required around any swimming pool area.

Why does the water have to be removed from the cover in order for it to be considered "safe"?

Collected water on a cover is a hazard in itself. There have unfortunately been cases of children and pets who have wandered out on a cover filled with water and slippery debris, become trapped and drowned. That is why the ASTM Performance Specification states that no pool cover can call itself a safety cover if it does not provide for water removal.

Should I drain my pool before putting on my LOOP-LOC cover?

No! It is very important to maintain proper water level to help support the weight of snow and ice on the cover and prevent excess wear. For LOOP-LOC mesh covers, water level should be 15" to 18" below the top of the pool. For ULTRA-LOC solid covers, water level should be 12" to 16" below the top of the pool. If proper water level is not maintained, the warranty will be void.

What type of warranty do your covers come with?

Loop-Loc Covers purchased from 1978 - 2003 were supplied with a 10 year Pro-rated warranty.

Loop-Loc Covers Purchased from 2004 - 2012 were supplied with a 12 year Pro-Rated warranty.

Covers purchased from 2013 - Present See Below 15 year Pro-Rated warranty information.

All LOOP-LOC mesh and solid safety pool covers come with a 15-year pro-rated manufacturer's warranty. When completed and signed by the original purchaser, this warrants that the cover is free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use, when installed by a qualified swimming pool professional. 

If any cover is found to have defects in materials or workmanship within the first 25 months of service LOOP-LOC will furnish a replacement cover, or at our option,  repairing any part or parts at no charge to the consumer. After the 25 month period has elapsed the customer will pay 1/156 for each month or part thereof since the original factory shipping date, of the current list price of the replacement cover. All repairs and replacements will be F.O.B. Pool Cover Corps plant and customers are responsible for shipping costs on repairs not covered by our warranty.

Please note any damage caused by animal damage, misuse, alteration, neglect, abuse, coping wear, drag holes, accidents, intense external thermal reaction, or if the water levels fall below the recommended levels stated in our care & maintenance instruction are not covered under the pro-rated warranty. Click here for complete warranty details.

Can I fill out your warranty online?

Yes. If you have recently purchased a LOOP-LOC or ULTRA-LOC Safety Swimming Pool Cover, you can complete and submit your 15-year pro-rated warranty certificate online now.

*Covers purchased from Yrs. 1978 - 2003 were supplied with a 10 year Pro-Rated Warranty, Yrs. 2004 - 2012 came with a 12 year Pro-Rated Warranty. Covers purchased after 2013 were supplied with a 15 year Pro-Rated Warranty.

How long will it take to get a custom LOOP-LOC cover?

From the time your pool dealer submits your order to us, LOOP-LOC will ship your custom cover from our factory in two weeks or less. If you have a stock sized rectangle cover the shipping time is 24-48 hours.

If I use both a LOOP-LOC cover and BABY-LOC fencing, can they share the same set of anchors in the deck?

From the time your pool dealer submits your order to us, LOOP-LOC will ship your custom cover from our factory in two weeks or less. If you have a stock sized rectangle cover the shipping time is 24-48 hours.

If we have a paver/brick deck can we use a LOOP-LOC Cover?

Absolutely! LOOP-LOC's anchor-in-pipe installation is the perfect application for paver/brick decks. The pipe holds the anchors firmly into place allowing the cover to remain taut all winter long. No wear and tear on the deck and the cover will not pull or ruin pavers/bricks whatsoever. For additional information on anchor-in-pipe, contact your LOOP-LOC dealer or our customer support department.

My pool deck and/or coping is very rough. Should I take any special precautions?

For decks and/or coping that are rough, LOOP-LOC recommends the use of additional undercover padding to prevent premature wear on the cover. Undercover padding supplied by LOOP-LOC can be purchased from your swimming pool professional. The use of indoor/outdoor carpeting can also be a good alternative to prevent premature wear in these situations.

Why do you show an elephant on the cover but say a " horse, deer, dog, etc." can damage a cover?

LOOP-LOC Safety pool covers are manufactured to conform to ASTM standards which state that a safety cover must hold "two adults' and one child's weights" in the event of an emergency.

LOOP-LOC shows an elephant on our mesh cover to prove that we not only meet but exceed the ASTM standards. We used an elephant due to its large flat feet. Elephants do not have hooves or sharp nails like other animals. Thus the elephant, for demonstration of weight purposes, was able to walk on the cover and walk off without causing damage.

Other animals such as horses, deer and dogs can do damage to the material of the cover due to the sharpness of their hooves or paws, which unfortunately is not covered under the 15-year pro-rated warranty. It is highly recommended to add a fence around your pool area to protect your horses, or other animals with sharp hooves that may slice through the fabric of a safety swimming pool cover.

Did an elephant really walk on a LOOP-LOC mesh cover?

She certainly did! "Bubbles" the female African elephant seen in LOOP-LOC advertising, was located on a protected animal preserve in Florida. She was accompanied by her professional handler so that she would feel comfortable during our photo session. Before she took her famous walk on our famous mesh safety pool cover, the LOOP-LOC cover was tested with far heavier weight, so we knew she'd be safe. Watch Bubbles' famous walk here.

I already have a LOOP-LOC and want to order a new replacement cover.

First, thank you for your purchase of LOOP-LOC. We are happy that the cover has serviced you for many years. LOOP-LOC as the manufacturer only sells products through our large network of swimming pool professionals. We recommend that you contact the original dealer you purchased the cover from to place your new order. Find the dealer contact information, or that of another dealer by using our dealer locator.

I do not know the manufacturer of my old worn out cover but would like to replace it with a Loop-Loc, is this possible?

Of course!  Loop-Loc's expertly trained design team and manufacturing team will be able to match up your existing anchor locations for a perfectly fitting Safety Swimming Pool Cover.  Simply contact your swimming pool professional so that we can get started right away.  All replacement covers ship in less than two weeks all year long.

*In certain cases please note that due to Loop-Loc strictly adhering to ASTM and U.L certified guidelines an anchor or so may have to be redrilled. We will advise your swimming pool professional ahead of time if this happens.

Solid Covers and Automatic Pump Information



The automatic cover pump supplied with your solid cover is used to remove water that accumulates on your LOOP-LOC cover. In addition to water accumulating due to rain and/or melting snow, water may seep up through the material seams during the winter months when snow and ice force the cover to come into contact with the pool water.

Left unchecked: there is a strong possibility that a substantial amount of pool water may be pumped out of the pool. Once the cover begins to exceed the depressed level of 16" below the deck, excess stress is placed on the cover, hardware, pool, coping and deck. At this point, cover/hardware failure is possible, which will void the cover warranty.  Loop-Loc is not responsible for any damage that may occur due to this condition.

If this pool-pumping condition exists: it is necessary to correct the pools' water level immediately.  By removing accumulated snow from the skimmer box, you will be able to check to see if the water levels have dropped and if additional water needs to be added into the swimming pool.  If uncertain, please contact your swimming pool professional immediately.

When snow and ice accumulates and remains on the solid cover it is recommended to disconnect the pump if it will be frozen in ice for an extended period of time.  It is important to immediately reconnect the pump once the snow & ice begin to melt. 

When leaving your home unattended for extended periods of time: it is highly recommended to have your swimming pool professional periodically check your water levels, or if that is not possible to have a friend or neighbor check on and fix the above conditions. 

For additional information on the Little Giant Pump model # APCP-1700 please visit their website at:


Can a Loop-Loc cover be returned?

Unfortunately Loop Loc Custom Covers cannot be returned or exchanged as they are specifically manufactured for each individual pool. It is important to decide before ordering and manufacturing occur on the type of cover you desire (mesh or solid) along with which color you prefer. Loop-Loc mesh and solid covers come in our most ordered color: Green to blend beautifully in any backyard environment. Mesh covers are also available in Designer Gray, Blue, Tan and Black. Ultra-Loc designer colors are Tan and Blue.

Make sure to read through your invoice together with your swimming pool professional to review the type of cover and the color before your order is submitted.

During the winter months when the cover is on the pool is there anything I have to do?

Yes, during the winter months it is extremely important to make sure your water levels are proper.

The guidelines are as follows:

Mesh covers: 15" – 18" below the top of the swimming pool

Solid covers: 12" – 16" below the top of the of the swimming pool

This is important for supporting the weight of the snow on the cover. Allowing the water levels to drop below the recommendations will put excess stress on the cover, may cause damage, and will void your warranty. We recommend that you clear some snow from your skimmer box and check the water levels and add water when levels are low, or contact your swimming pool professional to come and evaluate for you.

If you have a solid cover with an automatic cover pump, please go to the care & maintenance section of the FAQ's for more information... "What is the proper way to use the automatic cover pump that came with my cover?"

Does Loop Loc sell on Ebay or Amazon type sites

Loop-Loc as the manufacturer does not sell on sites like Ebay or Amazon. Loop-Loc covers are designed to meet all ASTM safety standards and U.L. certification standards. As such our products are sold through our network of Swimming Pool Professionals that are experienced in measuring and installing safety covers. If you see our covers on sites like these it is imperative to make sure that you are working with a qualified swimming pool dealer that will measure and install for you.

It is also extremely important to make sure you are getting a Genuine Loop-Loc Product. Unfortunately, Loop Loc cannot police every website out there for the people that may bait & switch, using the Loop-Loc brand name while supplying an "off" brand cover. We highly recommend visiting our dealer locator center on this site to find a qualified dealer in your area or by calling our customer support department at 800-562-5667.