Introducing PearlEssence® Luxury Vinyl Swimming Pool Liners from LOOP-LOC®

LOOP-LOC's newest line of swimming pool liners is infused with iridescent inks. Exclusive to 
LOOP-LOC, these iridescent inks leave the liners with a beautiful shimmer and sparkle. With the same legendary quality you'd expect from LOOP-LOC, our exclusive PearlEssence liners are made to resist puncturing, mildew, mold and bacteria, so you will enjoy your LOOP-LOC liner for years to come. To find the LOOP-LOC dealer nearest you, just use our online Dealer Locator tool.




    Enjoy the essence of PearlEssence vinyl swimming pool liners, featuring shimmering blues in all their cool and captivating glory.


    Deep, delightful, dappled and designed to free your spirit and illuminate your senses with a tranquil, sparkling glow. Experience the luminescence of PearlEssence swimming pool liners.


    Dress your oasis in dark and mysterious tones with a shimmery, sophisticated look from PearlEssence that elevates pool aesthetics to those of fine couture.


    Like floating in another world, this delightful and elegant PearlEssence pattern captures the glittering golden brilliance of the sun and radiates it upward.

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